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New York FW Circle

Hosting FW101

We are always willing to be in conversation with those who wish to host a FW101 course.  Whether your congregation is wanting to host, or perhaps a group of congregations in your community or classis are willing to co-host, we want to be open to holding FW101 in various ways. 
However, there are a few details that we try to stick to, as we've learned a lot in hosting retreats in what is needed to make the experience optimal for participants.  Take a look at the documents linked below to help guide you through the various details and options.  

Please feel free to email Greg ( or Sherri ( to start a conversation on the possibilities of hosting FW101 in your area or congregation.

  • There are a number of different formats that can be utilized for the FW101 course.  Take a look!

  • Interested in hosting the FW101 course in some sort of format.  Here are some details of what needs to be covered...