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Schoharie Valley Community Camp 2016

July 28, 2016
By Michaela Johnson, Day Camp Director & Summer Youth Ministry Intern

We are happy to report that we had a very successful week of camp! With 162 campers in attendance and 94 staff and volunteers working hard leading up to and during camp, this was a record-breaking year for us! Many returning campers were happy to be back, and a large group of new campers were able to join us as well.

In addition to our local base of volunteers, we welcomed a group of 23 from Fellowship Reformed Church in Muskegon, Michigan on their annual mission trip. Instant bonds were formed between the local volunteers and our new friends from Muskegon, and watching everyone work together with the campers’ best interests in mind was an amazing sight. We were also lucky enough to have two staff from Camp Fowler join us for the week: Lucas Grove and Greg Ingraham. These two brought great energy and aided our staff in making sure all programming ran smoothly. All of our guests felt at home in our community and many are already making plans to come back and visit us soon!

This summer’s service projects involved designing and creating concrete stepping stones that will be installed at our newly built local Lily Park, and decorating reusable shopping bags that will be distributed at our local Food Pantry. Campers were excited for these opportunities to give back to their local community. We were so pleased with their hard work and willingness to serve others.

The week finished with a large group in attendance for our closing worship service and picnic. Attendees enjoyed some singing and a slideshow highlighting events from the week, and were also given some information about the local churches and upcoming events for youth. Each child went home with a tie-dyed t-shirt, a picture frame with a photograph of their cabin, a Bible, a lunchbox and freezer pack, a variety of crafts, a bandana to fit our pirate theme, and a special map to help them remember what they learned during their time with us. As campers were leaving, many volunteers and staff received hugs and high fives from campers, already asking if they would be coming next summer!

We are already looking forward to next year, as our debriefing/planning meeting is scheduled for late August!

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