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Learning Community

At the Schoharie Reformed Church, we are committed to continually growing together in our identity in Christ.  We are also committed to sharing that transformational work through our words and actions in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and all of the places we find ourselves.  We believe that one of the most profound ways this happens is through being part of a learning community.  Whether it is in Sunday school, small groups, Bible Studies, engaging online, or worship services, our goal is to provide people with an opportunity to engage with God and others in a welcoming, shame-free environment where all are free to share honestly and authentically without judgment.  We invite all to listen to the Word of God and each other as we ponder, wonder, ask questions, share stories, and listen deeply, even - and sometimes especially - to experiences and understandings different than our own.  We believe that we find grace, challenge, and growth in our relationships with God and each other when we engage in this way, together claiming our common identity as beloved children of God. 

Join the Conversation!  Our pastors and leaders occasionally blog their ponderings, which can be found on our Conversations Blog