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New York FW Circle


Registering for a FW101 retreat is handled through this website.  
Currently, TWO Faithwalking 101 opportunities are available.  One in New Jersey on two full Saturdays, March 2 and 9.  The other, a two and a half day retreat at Camp Fowler in Pleasantville, NY in the Adirondacks from June 2 - June 4.  More information and registration links are here.  
If you are a pastor with questions about hosting a FW101 retreat or having yourself and/or folks from your congregation attend a FW101 retreat, please email
Registering for a FW201 is handled through this website. Once you've taken FW101 you are eligible to go on to FW201 for a more in-depth transformation process.  To engage in FW201, please email to be placed on the list to join the next FW201 group.


Anyone who has completed FW201 is eligible to take either Faithwalking 202 or 301 at any time.  These course do not need to be taken in sequential order as they are substantially different.  FW 202 is a more indepth look at Family Systems and key Faithwalking concepts.  FW 301 is the missional living course, integrating Faithwalking learning with your personal life on mission where you live, work, and play. 
Interested in FW202?  Last CHANCE to join the Thursday evening Faithwalking 202 beginning Thursday February 21, 2019.  Click here for more information and to register. 
Interested in FW301?  Currently TWO Faithwalking 301 sections will begin in March.  The Monday section is already full.  Room still remains in the Wednesday afternoon section.  Click here for more information and to register.   
Any other questions can be emailed to