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New York FW Circle

FW101 Registration, October 2020, Warwick

Registration for Warwick Conference Center FW101 Retreat

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PLEASE, BE AWARE THAT THIS RETREAT MAY BE CANCELED OR MOVED ONLINE IN SOME FORMAT.  For planning purposes, we'd still love for you to register, so we know who is interested in attending, and so we have a list of individuals with whom we can stay connected as details are worked out.
In September, the FW Leadership team, in conversation with the staff of Warwick Conference Center, will gauge our comfort levels and any current local/state restrictions in holding in-person gatherings. In addition, we will ask each registrant to share with us their own comfort in attending the in-person retreat.  

If the retreat does take place, there will likely be several precautions with meeting in-person, to which the FW Leadership team and Warwick Conference Center will give guidance. 

If the retreat does not take place, it will likely take place online in some way.
The details of this will be worked out and will be communicated to registrants.  (An online course will cost less, as we will only ask for the materials fee.)
BECAUSE OF THE UNCERTAINTY of holding this retreat, we will NOT be requiring payment upfront for participant registration.  Instead, we will send invoices in early to mid-October, if we make the decision to hold this retreat. 
Please register as you normally would, then use the discount code "COVID" to avoid paying the registration fee right now.

Your flexibility and grace are much appreciated!!
To begin, please enter your HOUSEHOLD information, and indicate how many individuals from your household will be registering for this retreat in the "Number Attending" field.  Then click 'Continue'.


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