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Learn & Grow

Come join the mess! 


As a part of the larger “Reformed” tradition, we believe in constantly being “re-formed” according to the Word of God.  Our new motto at the Schoharie Reformed Church is “Growing in God.  Living in Love.”  We recognize that growing in God is crucial to our own transformation in Christ.  But growing in God is about more than simply growing in our knowledge about God.  It also includes our experiences as we live out our relationships with God and others in the world.  We seek to live our faith wholeheartedly.  Reflection is a vital part of this growth.  We encourage reflective living through honesty in prayer, contemplation, conversation with others, and times of solitude.  We recognize God speaks through everyday life all the time!  There is no question, doubt, or ponderance outside of God's grace.  We also recognize we are imperfect people journeying with a perfect God who longs for our whole-ness and healing.  In “real” life, this is a messy journey with a good God!  We are all always learning and growing, we will make mistakes constantly (some of which we celebrate as a part of our growth), and we rely on God’s grace above all else.  Join us on Sunday morning, come to a small group or Bible Study, visit our online conversations blog.

ALL are welcome!


Special Opportunity July 1, 2020 6:30-8 p.m. through Zoom Video Conference.  Reggie Harris will join us and share some of his story of living in Schoharie County as a Black man and engage us in dialogue as we wrestle with current events and discern the Holy Spirit's guidance to deepen our understanding. 

More information and the zoom conference call link can be found here.