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New York FW Circle

FW101 Retreat Info

Fall 2017 FW101 Retreat


September 23 & 24, 2017.
Saturday will begin promptly at 9am and finish up by 6pm, at which point we will have dinner.
Sunday will start at 9am with a short time of worship and finish up by 5pm.


Holmes Presbyterian Camp & Conference Center 
Agape House

60 Denton Lake Rd, Holmes, NY 12531 


Clergy and non-clergy alike get much out of this retreat!  Most of FW focuses on spiritual formation for adults, so those under the age of 18 will probably not get the most out of FW101.  
Clergy, should you want to apply for a scholarship to help your church cover the cost of pulpit supply, so you can attend this retreat, please contact your respective Regional Synod.

What is included:

A shame-free environment is provided for you to learn through presentations, times of solitude and prayer, small group sharing, and large group reflection.
You will receive a workbook for the retreat with key information on each session, which will also be your solitude guide.  
Lunch and dinner on Saturday, as well as lunch on Sunday, are included in registration costs.  
Lodging options are available for Friday and/or Saturday nights, with breakfast included.  

What to bring:

Please bring a Bible and a writing utensil.  A jacket or coat might be needed, should you want to venture outside during your times of solitude (autumn is often unsure whether it wants to be warm or cold). And an open and prayerful spirit is always good as well.

Before Your Register

Please be aware of the following details for the Sept 2017 FW101 retreat:

Cost for Retreat - 
First-time Participant: $90 ($40 discount until Aug 1!!)
Repeat Participant: $55
Repeat Participant and Small Group Leader: $25
     Please email Greg at to get permission to be a small group leader prior to registering.

Additional Cost for Lodging -
Saturday only: $130
Friday & Saturday: $185
No Lodging: $0  

Payment -
Should you wish to pay online via credit card, you will need a PayPal account to finish the registration process (setting up a PayPal account is simple and safe).  
If you wish to pay by personal check or if your church will be paying for you by check, you will be able to enter the discount code "SendCheck" to bypass the online payment requirement.

Personal Information -
While registering yourself, along with any other individuals in your household who are attending the retreat, you will be asked a few personal questions about your family of origin, marital status, and whether you have any children.  The answers to these questions will not be shared beyond the Faithwalking Leadership Team, and are required as a way to get you to think about your family of origin and to offer the Faithwalking Leadership Team a better understanding of retreat participants.