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More about Missional Marriage

What is Missional Marriage?

Missional Marriage helps couples deeply integrate the concepts of Faithwalking (such as integrity, authenticity, deep listening and emotional maturity) into their marriage and explore the possibilities of missional living both individually and together by creating a safe and non-threatening space for couples to “try on” new ways of being in their marriage.

Missional Marriage is a retreat experience for couples who:
- Want to apply the concepts of Faithwalking deep into their marriage.
- Want to explore the possibilities of missional living as a couple (either together or separately).

Missional Marriage was created when we began to realize that the kind of transformation we wanted to see in our lives needed to begin at home. My husband Craig and I are still experiencing intimacy and change in our relationship that began at the very first Missional Marriage retreat. When I think about the other couples who have had this experience and have shared stories of deep relationship change, I can honestly say that I believe that all Faithwalkers can benefit from this experience. -- Trisha Taylor, Missional Marriage and Faithwalking Leader

We invite you to an experience that equips couples to live transformed and missional lives within their marriages. We use teaching time, solitude, couple's time, and group discussion to help you deepen the principles of Faithwalking in your relationship to your spouse while also giving you the opportunity to explore how you will seek to follow Jesus in his mission to the world, both individually and together. All of this happens in a fun, non-threatening setting with other couples who are on the same journey you are.

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Our experience in Missional Marriage was a milestone event in our 35 years of marriage. The retreat provided the environment and space for us to honestly communicate with each other. We were able to jointly recommit to each other and to God. We are now working as a team on mission for God's kingdom. Even though the retreat was a couple of days in length, it had a long term positive influence in our lives. - Mario and Linda Ramos.

Missional Marriage created a space where healing, dreaming, and action could be present in a way it had never been before. It was a weekend that we walked away from knowing that we had forever altered the course of our marriage in the best ways possible. - Danny and Trisha Kennedy.

About Trisha Taylor

Trisha Taylor has been a certified pastoral counselor in private practice for more than 25 years. She is a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and is licensed as a professional counselor in the state of Texas. She is active in ordained ministry leadership as a co-founder of Faithwalking, Missional Marriage and Ridder Church Renewal. With Jim Herrington and others, she is an author of The Leader’s Journey: Answering the Call to Personal and Congregational Transformation as well as Learning Change: Congregational Transformational Fueled by Personal Renewal. She has been married to Craig, a pastor, for 32 years. They have two adult children, Andrew and Rebecca.