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New York FW Circle

FW 301 Info & Registration

FW 301 Spring-Summer 2021 Session Now Registering

Faithwalking 301 is a 10 week journey intended to develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live on mission with God in the world.  

Format:  FW 301 will meet weekly for 1.25 hours in zoom video conference.

Pre- Requisites:  All participants who have completed Faithwalking 101 and 201 are welcome to participate in Faithwalking 301.  Please note, FW 202 and FW 301 may be taken in any order after completing 201.  In order to fully participate, participants will need access to a device with a video camera and a microphone, in addition to a good internet connection.  

During FW 301, participants explore the concept of Shalom in more depth as well as engage in the experiential homework of "other - ing" by intentionally developing or deepening a relationship with someone identified as "other" in some way by the participant.  The participant then reflects on what is learned about self and the other through the process of seeking to deepen the relationship.  

Cost:  The cost of FW 301 is $175.  Cost should not be a deterrent to participation.  Scholarships may be available through congregations, judicatories, or the NY Faithwalking Circle.  Please inquire if needed.  

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN:  May - mid July 2021, Tuesday mornings 9 - 10:15am beginning Tuesday, May 4

If you are interested in 301 and this time does not work for you, please let us know by filling out the 301 Interest Survey.