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New York FW Circle

FW 301

Faithwalking 301

Faithwalking 301 is the last in the series of four courses intended to launch participants deeper into the process of becoming more fully alive in Christ.  Faithwalking 301 focuses on Missional Living.  It is a 10 week course generally engaged through online video conference in 10 weekly sessions.  Participants read and reflect on parts of the FW 301 curriculum and are asked to take on personal homework, including practicing "other"ing in one's everyday life.  Faithwalking 101 and 201 are pre-requisites for Faithwalking 301.  Please note, 202 and 301 may be taken at anytime and in any order after 201.  

Want to learn more about 301?  Check out the Faithwalking, Houston website here.  or visit our "Engage 301" page.  

Interested in participating in a 301 through the NY Faithwalking Circle?  Please fill out the interest form below (note:  If you have already signed up for 301 interest at a retreat, there is no need to fill out this form, thank you).  

Once we have gathered a group of interested people, the group will be polled, dates and times chosen, and registration will be opened.  

May God richly bless your own journey of transformation!  Keep it alive!  Join one of the courses today!