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New York FW Circle

More about Churches Learning Change

Churches Learning Change

If Faithwalking is best described as a PERSONAL transformation journey, intended for individuals to live more on mission with God and others; "Churches Learning Change" is a CORPORATE transformation journey with the same goals, based on Faithwalking.  Churches Learning Change uses information that is most likely not new to those who have gone to seminary.  What is new is that it is an intentional journey to put that information into practice with a team from a particular setting, in conjunction with other teams from across the region over a 2.5 - 5 year period of time.  Information does not transform; we believe information, practice and reflection are all a part of living into the ongoing transformation God has for us!  Come be a part of the journey.  

The next round is beginning slowly now, and will get into full swing in early 2022.   For more details, take a look at these resources, check out this new website featuring all six regions of CLC  at  

In the meantime, Churches Learning Change Big East is pleased to present "Disrupting Survival Mode" as a response to current needs.  YOU and YOUR congregation are invited to join NOW.  Here are the details


Reflection of Rev. Thomas Goodhart on Participation in CLC

Ridder is the only process I know of available to us so readily that enables congregations to navigate the rapidly changing and emerging context we live in.  In Woodstock, one major transformation we've accomplished through this process is the development of a cohort of deeply creative, authentic, courageous leaders who are taking responsibility for the church and their own lives in ways totally new for all of us."
- Rev. Josh Bode, Woodstock Reformed Church

"The safe space created by leaders and our team helped me practice leaning into discomfort and be more open to listening to the Holy Spirit.  
I’m mindful of my way of being in relationships or during 
consistory, consciously modeling authenticity, respect, and empathetic listening."
-- Carol Engels-White, Elder at Colonial Church, Bayside, Queens