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New York FW Circle

FW 202

Faithwalking 202

Faithwalking 202 is the next course after participants have completed 101 and 201.  Faithwalking 202 goes deeper on the personal transformation journey, integrating concepts into daily life in order for greater missional engagement.  Faithwalking 202 is a 13 week course that meets weekly in online conference sessions and relies on 202 specific materials, as well as Roberta Gilbert's "The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory."  Participants are given homework each week and asked to submit it electronically to their 202 facilitator at least 24 hours before their next session.  

Want more information?  Check out the Faithwalking, Houston website here.  

Interested in participating with the next NY Faithwalking Circle 202 course?  Please fill out the interest form below (if you already filled out a sign up sheet for 202 at a retreat, there is no need to fill out the form again.  Thank you). 

Once we gather a group of interested people, those people will be polled to find a day and time that work for the majority and a new offering with be opened for registration.  

Interested in FW 202? Let Us Know!