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New York FW Circle

FW101 Retreat Info & Registration

2020 FW101 Retreats



  • January 26 - 28, 2020

    • Beginning with dinner at 5 p.m. Sunday, concluding by 4 p.m. Tuesday
    • at Camp Fowler, Chi Rho House, 152 Pelcher Rd, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
    • Deadline to Register is January 10...  (Registration is now closed, stay tuned for more options)
Please read all the information below, before registering.

Clergy and non-clergy alike get much out of FW101, as we all are invited into the journey of spiritual transformation!  
Faithwalking mainly focuses on spiritual formation for adults, yet young adults are welcome.    

What is included:

A shame-free environment is provided for you to learn through presentations, times of solitude and prayer, small group sharing, and large group reflection.  You will receive a workbook for the retreat with key information on each session, which will also be your solitude guide.

What to bring:

Please bring a Bible, a writing utensil, and a non-distracting way to keep time (smartphones may be convenient, but they will distract you).  Layers and warm clothes will be needed, bring additional outdoor gear should you want to venture outside during your times of solitude or during breaks.
An open and prayerful spirit is always good as well.


These retreats are such a bargain because of the partnership between the Reformed Church in America with the Regional Synods of Albany, New York, and Mid Atlantics as a part of Churches Learning Change (formerly Ridder Church Renewal) in conjunction with the New York Faithwalking Circle.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  Presbyterian, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, Methodist... any affiliation or those with no church affiliation are all welcome to participate.

Before You Register

Registration Cost for Faithwalking 101 Retreat at Camp Fowler, January 2020 
First-time Participant: $250
Repeat Participant: $200
Retreat Leader or Small Group Leader: $0
CLC Pastor, First Learner, or Team member who has NOT taken Faithwalking 101 as of yet: $0

If you are a repeat participant and would like to serve as a small group leader, please email Sherri ( to confirm, so you can register as a "Small Group Leader" at no cost.

Payment -
Should you wish to pay online via credit card, you will need a PayPal account to finish the registration process (setting up a PayPal account is simple and safe).  
If you wish to pay by personal check or if your church will be paying for all or part of your cost, you will be able to enter the discount code "SendCheck" to bypass the online payment requirement. 
Checks for retreat registration should be made out to 'Regional Synod of Albany' with 'FW101, Jan2020' in memo, and mailed to 1790 Grand Blvd, Schenectady, NY 12309.  

**Failure to send payment two weeks in advance of the retreat will result in the cancelation of your participation in the retreat.

Personal Information -
During the registration process, you will be asked a few personal questions. The answers to these questions will not be shared beyond the Faithwalking Leadership Team, and are requested as a way to get you to think about your family of origin and to offer the Faithwalking Leadership Team a better understanding of retreat participants.
Additionally, participants are encouraged to ask three people to be in prayer for them during the retreat time.  Prayer partners will receive emails throughout the retreat, detailing the learning and reflection topics, in order to pray for you in specific ways.  We ask that you provide the names/emails for these prayer partners when you register so that we can guarantee they remain connected with you (we can share your prayer partners with us later, but this has proven to add a lot of extra work for the leadership).

Registration for this retreat is now closed, please stay tuned for more options

If your congregation (or a group of congregations) are interested in hosting a FW101 retreat, please email Greg at and/or Sherri at, and we'll share information with you about what hosting FW101 looks like and how best to go about it.