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New York FW Circle

FW Foundations

Foundations is a NEW way of engaging the Faithwalking process.

Based on feedback from years of Faithwalking practice, Foundations engages the Faithwalking process through Six - 10 week modules that are ALL ONLINE.  The NY/NJ Faithwalking Circle is in partnership with Faithwalking, Inc. You can find more information about Foundations on the main Faithwalking website, by clicking here.  

Leaders from the NY/NJ Faithwalking Circle have been going through Foundations together and recommend it to you!

Given the current reality we all face, the NY/NJ Faithwalking Circle is able to offer a deeply discounted rate, subsidized by the Regional Synods of NY and Albany.  Normally, Faithwalking Foundations and Core Four courses (excluding retreat costs) are $175 each.  We are offering Foundations opportunities for $100 each as we continue through global pandemic.  

Foundations Module 1:  Self Awareness - Tuesdays 7–8:30pm  EST beginning Tuesday, January 12

In Module 1 you will get tools for building self-awareness and self-discovery. You will reflect on both the positive and the negative of your first formation. You will learn how your first formation wounded you and how those wounds are impacting your life. You will learn how to make positive declarations that move your life forward in a healthier direction. Register before December 29.

Foundations Module 2:  Authenticity and Shame - Mondays 2–3:30pm EST beginning Monday, January 11

In Module 2 you will learn how shame and your own sense of self-worth are impacting you in negative ways. You will get tools for addressing your shame and for moving beyond it. You will learn that we all live out of three “selves.” You will learn how to increasingly live as one integrated self. You will be given tools for sharing your story in life-giving ways. You will learn how to put your negative vows behind you.  Register before December 29.

Foundations Module 3:  Anxiety - Wednesdays 2–3:30pm EST beginning Wednesday, January 13

In Module 3 you will learn how to see and manage anxiety. You will learn what anxiety really is and how it impacts you. When we get anxious, we get stupid! In this module you will learn how to deal with anxiety in life-giving ways. You will be provided with tools for responding based on your best thinking. You will learn how to take responsibility for self, more consistently. You will learn some practices for slowing the pace of your life. You will learn how to become less anxious.  Register before December 29.  

Foundations Module 4:   Self Differentiation
(No current offering, see to join an offering from another circle)

In Module 4 you will learn how to grow in your emotional maturity. You will develop the confidence to be yourself no matter what others think. You will learn how to establish healthy boundaries. You will gain tools for establishing clear guiding principles for your life. You will learn how to stay connected to the important people in your life, especially your family. In this module you will gain tools for developing healthier relationships.

Foundations Module 5:  Alignment and Integrity - Tuesdays 2-3:30pm EST beginning Tuesday, January 12 

In Module 5 you will learn two definitions for integrity. You will learn the four-step process for honoring your word. You will gain tools for keeping yourself in alignment with what you say you believe. You will learn to stop allowing how you feel to run your life. You will learn what it means to join God in God’s ongoing mission in the world. You will learn that living missionally is a way of life.  Register before December 29.