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New York Faith Walking Blog


May 31, 2017
By Greg Town

Have you ever stopped to celebrate?

Having worked through the Faithwalking courses over the last handful of years, I've been challenged in my coaching to look at myself (and others) more clearly and to recognize and celebrate the transformation that God has done in me and in others.  I have never been one for self-reflection, but there's a large portion of the work one does in FW that focuses on self-awareness, where one must learn to do that self-reflection and share what one sees without shame or fear.  Having a coach and friends in this, who reflect what they see in me, is key to seeing myself more clearly as well, because often times they show me what I cannot see, and often what I cannot see is the work the Spirit has done to get me to where I am today.

So today I celebrate who I've been, who I am in Christ, and who God is creating me to be.  I celebrate the deep work God has done to bring about transformation in myself and in my relationships.  And as I celebrate all of this, I can't help but look at others who are doing the hard work of transformation within themselves and in their relationships too.

The NY Faithwalking Circle has only been going for one year (technically, if you don't count the years of Ridder Church Renewal that got us to this point).  Yet even in this last year, I've had the privilege of hearing so many stories of transformation in others who have given themselves over to the transformative work of the Holy Spirit.  I've seen others dedicate time and energy to new ways of growing and strengthening their connections with God, with themselves, and with their friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers.  I've seen others open doors in their lives that have been solidly shut for most their lives... and in opening those doors, they've have found healing and freedom as the Light of Christ shines into those places that have been closed off to God and others (and even themselves).

I can't help but celebrate this vast work of the Holy Spirit... work I never thought possible... work where I often have no idea what God is up to, and yet I can't wait to join God in doing!

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5/31/17 - By Greg Town