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Facility Use Request

The Schoharie Reformed Church believes our buildings are a gift of God and a part of our ministry in the Schoharie community, and we are pleased to offer them for community use. 
Several groups already utilize our space, so requests are granted based on our policies and availability.  Please submit using the form below, or download the paper form here, fill it out and return it to us by email to or mail to PO Box 635, Schoharie, NY 12157.  


SRC Use Policy/Expectations

Fees - Generally there is no charge to use our facilities.  Donations, however, are always accepted. 
Set-Up – User is responsible to set up the space themselves and, when done, return it to the same condition they found it. 
Cleaning – User is responsible to clean up any dirty situations they create.  If necessary, we can provide a professional cleaner (at her hourly rate). 
Trash – If trash can(s) is full, user is responsible to place tied bags in the dumpster (rear of parking lot).  Extra bags are under the sink. 
Smoking – Smoking is allowed outside only (not near playground).  
Keys – Unlocking/locking doors will be determined and coordinated.  If a key is provided, the user is responsible to lock the door(s) when done.  The key cannot be copied. 
Heat & Lights – When leaving, user is responsible to turn down the thermostat and turn off all lights. 
Insurance – The SRC is insured.  Businesses may need to provide certificate of insurance. 

Facility Use Request Form