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In 2006 through 2009, as a part of what was known as the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Schoharie Reformed Church supported the "Mission in Unity" project, seeking to re-connect sister churches throughout Ukraine that had been cut off from the rest of the world.  Rev. Semko Koroza, of the Reformed Church of Lodz, Poland, was our missionary pastor.  Small delegations from Schoharie Reformed traveled with Rev. Koroza throughout Ukraine, including visiting Rivne and Stepan'.  While the Mission in Unity project concluded, our relationships continue.  We pray for Ukraine.  We pray for Ukrainian refugees, and all refugees.  

Our benevolence fund has started a designated fund for Ukrainian Support.  We have already raised over $17,000 and sent funds to assist our sister church in Lodz, Poland, who is taking in refugees and supporting the refugee efforts with other churches, including at a large refugee center in Warsaw.  May we all work together and the assistance keep flowing to those in need, especially the most vulnerable. 




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