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We praise God for the ways the Holy Spirit is working in us and among us!  We are thankful for the ways we can see and celebrate the impact we have been a part of in the hearts and lives of so many in our congregation, community, and in our world.  One of the many ways we see impact is through our Benevolence Fund giving.

Do you have a testimony to share?  We want to hear it! Please share it below!


It is an honor and a gift to be able to do ministry in this community and we celebrate the many ways we continue Growing in God and Living in love! 

Consistory Testimonies January 2019

As our consistory (governing board) members reflected on 2018, here is some of what they shared with the congregation:

Edie Schultz says, "So Much to Celebrate!
-The continual progress within the sanctuary including the restoration of the pews and addition of flexible seating use blending our past with our future in-terms of use of space.
-finding new ways to use technology during worship, with visuals on the monitor, and services recorded and shared for those unable to attend the live service. (The children’s Christmas program was super and I loved that I could view it online.)
-the ongoing generosity of our congregation to address the needs of others throughout the larger community and organizations (food pantry, adopt-a-family, Day Camp to name a few).
-fellowship and worship opportunities including Painting/Craft activities, Camp Fowler, Bible studies, and special series at Lent and Advent. 
-use of a variety of music during worship; organ, guitar, drums, recorded music, campfire songs; providing different ways for each of us to connect with worship.
-Celebrating the Rededication of our Church building, and 40 Years of beautiful music from Vince Smith.
-enrichment readings and discussion for Consistory members, and continual discussion/evolution of who we are as a church."
Luke Jacobs Says,

 "2018 was a time for some deep reflection on our church family, seeing where we are as a congregation, looking to find our place in the greater Schoharie community, and finding out how this fits with what God is calling us to become.

This past year we all experienced our Pastor’s sabbatical together.  It allowed them a chance to recharge themselves spiritually and live more deeply in God.  But it also gave us a chance a congregation to have a unique chance to look within ourselves and see where we are in our current reality and really take time to start to imagine where we want to go in the future.  There were some losses among members of our congregation and within our traditions, not attending Gas-up being an important one for me personally. But it was also a time of new beginnings, meeting and getting to know new people and getting closer to some I have sat next to for years.  I know for me it was a powerful time to remember how important God is in my daily life and how important our church family is in helping me grow spiritually and into my own personal calling.

I think that this year of discernment and reflection has really helped us all to be ready for a new year and to move with the strength we all bring to our church family to a be closer to God Almighty and live into the vision he has for all of us."

Kim Charboneau says,

"When given the task of discussing my view of where God is working in our community, I was overwhelmed.  Would I say the right thing, would I remember all of the points that I wanted to make, would it be right?  After a few moments of deep breathing, I judgement, no admonishments, no guilt, be who you are, the gems given to us in our weekly messages from the Pastors.  Peace. What a blessing!

I feel that another one of the greatest gifts that we hold as a Church, and where I think God’s work in each of us is strong is our commitment to the Schoharie County Community and beyond.  Whether it is participating with kids at the summer camp, painting bowls for a hunger fundraiser, trunk or treat, filling shoe boxes for children in need in other countries, collecting pajamas for children, or packing baskets for families around the holidays.  

In the year to come, I pray that we continue to feel peace and compassion not only to each other, but to all those that we encounter."

Sharing Our Story
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2016 was a year for the record books!  Check out the ways God blessed us, grew us, and blessed others through us in this video:


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